Summer Solstice Supper by Sofie Reedijk
21 juni 2024 - 18:00 - 23:00

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Summer Solstice Supper is all about creating a poetic connection between the summer solstice and food, while evoking warmth, abundance and communal spirit during the longest day of the year. During this time of abundance, we gather around the “Paviljoen” table with the finest offerings from our local farmers & artisans.

Reserveren kan via de volgende link: https://bit.ly/summer_solstice_supper

Menu: Fish/vegetarian €20, – excluding drinks

Welcome Broth, Bread & Butter

Bone broth / Vegetable broth, savory brioche, demi-sel butter, argan oil


Asparagus, housemade ricotta, wild garlic, botanicals


Stuffed pointed cabbage, sweet corn sabayon, red salmon caviar / sea lettuce


Millefeuille, crème diplomat, tomato compote, buckwheat

Farewell “Sun Tea”

Sun tea is tea that has been brewed in the sun. Sun tea harnesses the sun’s rays for heating and steeping the tea leaves. Mallow leaf tea, honey

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