Home-Made Dinner: Exploring the Concept of Home
06 juli 2024 - 18:00 - 21:00

This interactive dining experience, centered around the theme of home-making will be hosted by Julija Mockuté, a curator and chef, Parel Strik, an artist working with encounters, and Vlada Predelina, artist looking into tacit knowledge systems of women in relation to land and colonial expansion through making, growing or gathering around food and the kitchen table.

All three hosts live in the neighborhood, which is far from the homes they grew up in and spend much of their time creating new ones. They invite guests to reflect on what home means and how we create one in times of uncertainty. Each course will involve small interactions, encouraging you to engage in home-making with ingredients that remind Julija, Parel, and Vlada of their homes.

Event Highlights:

  • Starter: Enjoy šaltibarščiai (cold borscht), a refreshing pink summer soup, and participate in its preparation. Served with hot new potatoes.
  • Main Course: Vlada Predelina will prepare Olivier, it will feature a spread of various help-yourself ingredients to make a concoction with a spin on a traditional celebratory salad.
  • Dessert: Indulge in your baked sweet bread creations, based on an Easter recipe from Julija’s family. Guests will be invited to shape their bread earlier in the course of the dinner. The sweet breads will be accompanied by tea made from fresh herbs sourced from the Afrikaandermarkt.

We are looking forward to having conversations around what we do and collect to create our homes, from bringing past memories to creating new traditions.

This is a continuation of a series, first of which was held at Grey Space in the Middle in the Hague.

Theoretical background:
How much is it what we do and how much is it what we gather there? This approach comes from Ursula K. le Guin’s The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction.

The idea of the main course draws itself from the ‘salad bowl theory’ which asserts that it is not necessary for people to give up their cultural heritage in order to be considered members of the dominant society. Guests will be invited to create their version of the dish while we talk about our experiences and hard truths of homemaking away from home or even without a physical home. Together we will consider 4 aspects that make a home: Spatial, Temporal, Relational and Material as defined by Helen Taylor, director of Stories & Supper, scholar and writer working closely with refugees.


Julija Mockute:  www.julijamock.com  instagram: julijamock
Vlada Predelina: www.predelina.com instagram: vpredelina

Parel Strik: www.parelstrik.com  instagram: parelstrik


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